Our products are made from a range of different textile, where we always focus on choosing the best possible option in regards to the environment. The most sustainable action is to make our clothes last longer. While it's important to choose responsible materials, we find it equally important to make something that's able to last; this goes for both the quality- and design of our products. 92% of the textiles we use are what we define as responsible, on this page, we explain why and how they are better for our environment. 

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GOTS organic cotton (70%)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a standard, assuring that textile and fabric are grown according to ecological and toxicological guidelines, without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides - leaving the air, soil and water free from contaminates. A big problem with cotton in general, is that it uses a lot of water. Organic cotton however, uses far less water compared to conventional cotton as rain is utilized better. The use of beneficial insects to control unwanted pests in organic cotton crops also helps the biodiversity. Summed up, organic cotton operates within ecological and toxicological guidelines, uses less water and helps biodiversity.

GRS recycled polyester (8%) 

Global recycled standard (GRS) is designed to benefit the environment, converting plastic waste into new products, and thereby reducing both waste and pollution. The GRS certificate on recycled polyester, means that the products are aligning with chemical restrictions and the best practices for social and environmental responsibility. 

GRS recycled wool (8%) 

GRS recycled wool, is like our recycled polyester, designed to benefit the environment through recycling, and thereby reduce waste and pollution. Not only does it divert used wool garments from landfills, it saves a considerable amount of water and avoids use of chemicals for dyeing.

GOTS Organic wool (1%) 

Wool is naturally an organic fibre that has characteristics that makes it renewable and biodegradable. To be certified as ‘organic wool’, the wool has to be produced without many widely used chemicals. All of our wool is mulesing free. 

Seaqual® (2%) 

Seaqual recycles plastic from the ocean and makes polyester from it. Compared to conventional polyester, seaqual considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy consumption – but is still as durable as virgin polyester.  

Tencel™ (3%) 

Tencel is a versatile fabric that can be used for almost everything, but it’s especially good for its absorption qualities, making it perfect for an active lifestyle. Tencel is made from cellulose fibres, where wood pulp is dissolved and dried in a process called spinning. The process of creating Tencel is circular; The trees are grown and processed, the water used is recycled, and the fabric is biodegradable, meaning that every element of the products making, will end up where it came from – back to its roots.

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